Wild Wild Country – The Docuseries Review

Attempted murder. Immigration fraud. A sex cult. Election tampering. The rumored act of grinding up live beavers in order to poison a town’s water supply?! No – it’s not a dystopian thriller coming to theaters near you. This the true story of the clash between Rashneeshees and citizens from the small town of Antelope, Oregon – a bizarrely compelling and terrifying moment in the state’s history that captured the eyes of the nation. Wild Wild Country covers one of the most outlandish and controversial times in Oregon’s, and possibly the United States’, history – the years when Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh and his dedicated followers took over the small town of Antelope. (The population hovered around 100 at one point, and is counted at 48 as of 2016.) What followed was an epic struggle as the supposedly peaceful religious cult/sect clashed with conservative ranchers over land use that escalated into accusations of immigration fraud, bioterrorism, attempted murder, and much, much more. The layers of deceit, crime, sex, devotion, betrayal, love, and loss are worthy of a soap opera. The fact that it’s all true will bend your mind. Read my review of this insanely compelling documentary at MovieBoozer now!

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