Tully Has A Twist That Hobbles Its Message

It’s almost like Diablo Cody can’t help herself. The talented screenwriter has so many clever ideas that she’s just gotta stuff ’em all in there, even if the film would actually flourish with less interference. It was the case with her breakout project, Juno, and it’s the case now with her latest effort Tully (her third movie with director Jason Reitman). Tully initially soars, with an outstanding performance by Charlize Theron that’s a meditation on modern motherhood and the dangers of depression. I was all in until the the third act, which goes seriously off the rails with an unneeded twist. Damn it, girl – you were almost there! I hope Diablo finds the strength to lay off the tricks because she’s got a strong voice hiding under the gimmicks, dying to come out. More on my review at MovieBoozer here. xo

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