A Simple Favor – Film Review

Martinis, mystery, and… murder? Yep, A Simple Favor has it all and it is good. One thing to remember when viewing this movie – going beyond the usual suspension of disbelief and fully embracing the schmaltz will get you far in fully enjoying this offering. It doesn’t take itself too seriously – and neither should you. I found it to be miles beyond Gone Girl in watchability – the fact that director Paul Feig is at the helm with his noted razor-sharp wit surely helped. And the casting is just beyond – Anna Kendrick embraces the simpering and seething of uptight housewife Stephanie Smothers, and Blake Lively is on fire as the sociopathic Emily Nelson. Don’t forget the beyond handsome Henry Golding as Emily’s husband, Sean Townshend. Henry absolutely crushed it as the lead in the summer blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians and his second starring role proves that was no fluke – Golding has gone from new screen crush to bonafide star in record time.

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