The Princess Switch – Film Review

What can I say about The Princess Switch other than it is the holiday cheese that you need? If I were to embody this film physically, I would create it just like this:

And really, would you want it any other way? The Princess Switch is the comfort food of the holiday season – you know it’s a little bit bad for you, but it’s a tradition and you’re going to go for it anyway, all while enjoying yourself immensely. ┬áThere are no surprises coming for you here – the plot is so obvious, it could be seen from space. But heck it’s not Halloween, and we’re not looking for jump scares. We’re looking for time to cozy up by the fire and return a few texts while we zone out and momentarily retreat from the stress of Christmas shopping. And on that, this flick delivers in spades.

Vanessa Hudgens is the real treat here – she is more than game to embrace the implausibility of this story, and she plays both freewheeling commoner Stacy and uptight duchess Margaret with equal aplomb. Yes, it is all ridiculous. But you won’t be able to stop yourself from grinning ear to ear, so queue it up and give in. You’ll be glad you did! My full review is available here at MovieBoozer, so check it out. xo

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