Nobody’s Fool – Film Review


Like most, I have to acknowledge a complicated relationship with Tyler Perry. On the one hand, the majority of his offerings veer from bad to downright terrible. (As I’ve mentioned, it’s no secret that the plot of Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor can send me into a frothing rage to this day. It may as well have been called I’m a Misogynist & I Despise Women Who Enjoy Sex.)

Then there’s the other side of the Perry coin – the one that recognizes what an incredibly hard worker he is, as well as being an auteur who strives to employ black actors, as well as providing numerous opportunities behind the scenes as well. It’s a mishmash of respect and cringeworthy WTF.

Basing my opinion strictly as a film critic, I found Nobody’s Fool to be one of Perry’s more enjoyable and mainstream offerings. It’s still flawed – his conflicting views about sex are still on display, most notably in one of the more awkward scenes I’ve seen committed to celluloid. But it’s still fun overall, thanks in large part to his leading ladies, Tiffany Haddish and Tika Sumpter. Instead of putting the women in a corner, he allows them to do the heavy lifting, elevating an otherwise mediocre offering. I’ve got more to say, and you can read my full review at MovieBoozer now! xo

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