Mötley Crüe’s The Dirt – Film Review

There are few things I love more than Mötley Crüe. Maybe my husband and my cat? I’m not sure. Would it be rude to put the Crüe first and those sweet bae’s in slots two and three? Probably. But the good thing is my cat can’t read and my husband never looks at this blog so I can go wide with my secret and still save feelings. DO YOU HEAR ME WORLD? I LOVE Mötley Crüe MORE THAN MY HUSBAND AND MY CAT! Whew. It feels really great to get that off my chest. (Size D, if you’re reading Tommy Lee. I mean, I am clearly married, you’re a newlywed, and I adore your wife. But hey, nothing’s been writ in stone!) Ah, now with that I jest. Cheating on my love with music is something we can get past. But cheating with a footlong dong is not. (Nor is it cool to break girl code because I talked to Brittany Furlan on the phone once and that makes us besties. At least in my mind. That’s what all those Instagram likes are for, grrrl! I’m in your corner!) Man, I feel like I’m really off track here. Where was I?

Oh, yes – the motherfucking Dirt!!! Thanks to Netflix, the band’s New York Times’ best-selling memoir has made it to the (small streaming) screen and it is fantastic. Yes, concessions have been made with the timeline of this group’s massive history. It’s a near-impossible task to distill nearly 35 years of shenanigans into a 2-hour movie, but they certainly gave it their all. (Though I wish they’d found a different director who’d been a little more invested in the fandom of the Crüe.) What is available is a hell of a lot of fun – fans will love seeing their hair metal heroes come to life and newbies will get a kick out of this brief tour of the Eighties spandex haven.

Really what this is is sheer joy. For us who truly love this band it is a thrill to have more. More attention to these musical giants? More spotlight turned towards this hedonistic bible masquerading as a memoir? MORE MUSIC? (Did I mention the Crüe hit the studio with longtime producer and friend Bob Rock to record five new tunes for the movie? And they’re good. Really, really fucking good.) Hell yes to ALL of this! When your favorite band retires and all of a sudden there is MORE, well it’s like Christmas, your birthday, and getting gifted with a time machine rolled up into one happy ball. Can you tell I loved the movie? You can read my full review at MovieBoozer now. And don’t forget to circle back and leave me your thoughts on the film! xo

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