The Kid Who Would Be King – Film Review

Why did I willingly sign up to review The Kid Who Would Be King? That is something I asked myself as the film rounded the two-hour mark and I was wishing I’d come to the matinee equipped with a Stadium Pal. Does anyone really need for the movie – with its obvious conclusion – to be this loooong?

Well, I know how I ended up there – director Joe Cornish got me curious enough that when my editor tossed it my way, I was down for the assignment, given my Attack The Block fandom.¬†Attack The Block¬†was unique, both in tone and plot – not to mention the foresight to cast a pre-Star Wars John Boyega – so I was interested to see what Joe would do next. (Cornish had not directed since ATB, though he did cowrite Marvel’s Ant-Man with Edgar Wright.) Plus the trailer looked fun, the kids adorable, and, of the January dumping grounds releases, this looked to be the least offensive.

I wasn’t wrong… but it wasn’t the most scintillating of offerings either. Cornish can obviously – and ably – direct, but this flick still ends up in the “Meh” pile. Find out more with my full review, available at MovieBoozer, and here’s hoping Joe’s next spin behind the camera lives up to the hype!

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