Juliet, Naked – A Film Review

There’s been a dearth of rom-coms of late (save the fantastic summer blockbuster, Crazy Rich Asians) – it’s almost as if the genre has been as waylaid as the demographic it (mainly) represents. (You don’t have to look far to see what’s happening to women in the news these days.) So it was with great pleasure that I jumped at the chance when Juliet, Naked finally came to town. The film stars the gorgeous Rose Byrne, along with Ethan Hawke (yep, Gen X-ers, Hawke plays a grandpa in this flick!) and the ever-hilarious Chris O’Dowd – a buzzworthy middle-aged haven. (It turns out old people like to fall in love too. Who knew!) There are few plot surprises, given the trope – but that’s exactly what is supposed to happen. Romantic comedies are the comfort food of films – you don’t need the unpleasant surprise of ground glass in your cookie. You just want to enjoy the damn cookie. And Juliet, Naked let’s you have the whole bag, guilt-free. Perfect for a solo watch or date night. Read my full review, available at MovieBoozer now. xo

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