Joining Powerful Female Voices at CherryPicks!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined the CherryPicks – a website founded by director Miranda Bailey and Rebecca Odes that focuses on the voices of female, femme, and non-binary movie critics in an effort to broaden representation in film reviews! I’ve been following Miranda Bailey’s career for a while (her directorial debut, Being Frank, is a must-see sweet delight), so I was especially excited to hear that I’d been accepted to add my voice to the exciting conversations taking place over at her new site. Miranda and Rebecca are leading the way – I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us, and I hope you join us! (This interview with Miranda and Rebecca over on FF2 Media gives more insight into their exciting plans here.)

Plus more about the mission, from the CherryPicks themselves:

[As women, we consume more than half the media in the world. And newsflash: we’ve also got opinions. That’s why we made CherryPicks, the best place to see what women think about movies and more. We create a unique score based on reviews from female-identifying and non-binary voices, so whether you’re looking for a night out, or a night on the couch, you know the opinions you trust come from women like you. Here at CherryPicks we believe the people who review films need to be as diverse as the people who watch them. That’s why we aggregate reviews and write original stories exclusively from female, femme, and non-binary writers during a time when most film critics are overwhelmingly male.
Each of our film pages includes an excerpt and hyperlink to the original published film review to introduce readers to a wider range of critical voices. We also created our own CherryCheck system which keeps tabs on the movie industry by highlighting existing programs to respond to the growing demand for representation and equity on-screen and behind the scenes. We are a fun place for movie lovers to read cool cultural perspectives on film and easily navigate purchasing tickets and streaming. This is just the beginning.]
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