An Interview with Reality Life’s Kate Casey

Kate Casey is the one-woman juggernaut behind the immensely popular podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey, as well as the television recap blog Love & Knuckles, and author of You Know You Are Pregnant When… Funny Quotes From Women Who Have Been ThereShe also happens to be a stand-up comedian and mother of five! (She hilariously calls herself a “baby hoarder.”)

Kate is obviously super-busy, but I was lucky enough to grab her for an interview via email earlier this month (February of 2019). Though she covers pretty much every reality television program under the sun, I kept the focus of our exchange on The Bachelor franchise, given that’s my current recap focus. I have a million more questions for this fascinating woman, so fingers crossed we get the opportunity to chat more in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy her insights on all things Bachelor! Read the full interview at MovieBoozer and circle back to let me know what you’d like me to ask Kate during our next visit. xo

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