The Bachelorette (2018): Season 14, Episode 5 – Mrs. Las Vegas

The infamous two on one has arrived! Will we be saying goodbye to Captain Underpants for good? Is the chicken cooked? Also, is Colton looking more and more like Chris Pratt as this show goes along, or do I just have Jurassic World on the brain? Hey, by the way – were you aware that Colton dated an Olympic gymnast? Because he’d really, really like you to know that little tidbit. The guys are in Sin City this week, in a continued effort to secure Becca Kufrin’s affections. Needless to say, what happens in Vegas definitely does not stay there for this crew. It’s broadcast for you and me to see, so pour that mimosa; it’s time for the recap of episode five! My MovieBoozer post on the whole shebang is available now! xo

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