The Bachelorette (2018): Season 14, Episode 2 – Turn Down For What?

Turn down for what? How about Colton may’ve gotten it on w Tia, Jordan refuses to shed his blankey, more “fowl” play at the cocktail party, and no one will shut-up about Arie! My Bachelorette recap of Week 2 is up at MovieBoozer now!

*Scheduling note: there will be NO BACHELORETTE MON. JUNE 11TH if a 5th game is required between the Warriors and the Cavaliers. That’s right, our favorite show will potentially be waylaid by the NBA finals. As you can guess, no show, no recap. Business will continue as usual if one of the teams manages to lock up a win before that. (It happens, but it’s unlikely – in which case Becca’s journey will resume Mon. June 18th and we’ll see each other here next for more recap fun on Wed. June 20th.)

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