The Bachelor: Season 23, Episode 6 – Dissension Amongst The Ranks

Hello – it’s about to get real! Or as real as a scripted reality show about finding your mate in front of a national audience can possibly get. (Insert wink emoji here!)

Yes, this week no less that THREE women warn Colton that there are shiny, disingenuous babbles hidden in plain sight, and now it’s his job to suss them out. The only problem? Our beefy lead is hella confused and has no idea who the gals are talking about. How will he make a decision, without leaning into his greatest fear?

Meanwhile, the group moves from Thailand to Vietnam for a fling with martial arts, Colton takes Kirpa on one of the most tepid one-on-ones in history, and Sydney eliminates herself. Demi gets sent home after making several bold moves, and Colton wants to eat Hannah G.’s raw tuna. All of this and more is available with my full recap, available at MovieBoozer now! Get salty, peeps!

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