The Bachelor: Season 23, Episode 4 – Shakeups and Tears!

Holy moly – this week was intense! I did not know I’d be having a side of PTSD with my Bachelor viewing. I stress ate a can of mixed nuts as I watched Caelynn’s emotional confession to Colton – a heartbreaking life experience that had me weeping. I know The Bachelor is famous for hyperbole – but this truly was the most dramatic episode ever! I applaud Caelynn’s honest and bravery – and a shout-out to ABC for allowing this air. If you haven’t seen it, this one is definitely a must-see!

Elsewhere in the Bach zone – Demi continues her reign as the tiniest of terrors, Cassie is Colton’s sister from a past life (what in the what?!), Hannah B. may have to find another topic of conversation, and Tayshia has some big ass balls. Check out my recap in full, available at MovieBoozer now!

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