The Bachelor: Season 23, Episode 3 – Ahoy, Matey!

Hello, peeps! Can you smell the salty air? Or is that just a whiff from Colton’s sculpted pecs? Our intrepid Bachelor is not shy about going shirtless, so we can only assume there is a delightful musk to accompany his bare-chestedness. Where was I going with this?

Ah, yes – the season is in full swing! “Relationships” are starting to solidify, frontrunners are starting to break out, and Demi has definitely claimed the dubious honor as this round’s villain. Hannah B. cannot shut-up about Caelynn – and Caelynn cannot stop catching Colton’s eye. I know how I’d rather spend my time, if I was cooped up in that mansion! (Seriously, I do feel kind of bad for Hannah B. – she’s clearly getting a bad edit from the producers for the sake of storyline, but she also obviously gave them A LOT of material to work with.)

Elyse – practically a mummy by Demi’s standards – goes on a fantastic date with Colton. It might be one of my faves of the series. I thought Mr. Underwood was going to be boring, but his old-timey gentleman attitude is refreshing and these two are cute as hell together. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch. You can catch up in full with my recap at MovieBoozer right here! xo

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