The Bachelor: Season 23, Episode 10 & 11 – Holy Finale Batman!


Hey, did you guys hear the one about a virgin who went on a show called The Bachelor in order to find a wife (age-appropriate and blonde, please!) … and is moments away from leaving said show still both a virgin and a bachelor?! One might call that an epic failure. Another may feel the swirl of a 360-degree turn. Aren’t we leaving this trip right where we started? Is this Groundhog’s Day? What will it take for this man to join the ranks of the sexed? Did I think my life would include talking about a fence for 3 months? But really, why is he so hung up on Cassie?

The producers decided to torture us with an epic two-part/two-night finale that could’ve been wrapped in an hour on night one. I love the show and I’m usually a “more is more, and I’ll take some more please” kind of gal – but even this tried my patience. Especially when the writing was so clearly on the wall – and the writing wasn’t something I wanted to read. That said – I had a hellva blast writing it, and I hope you have as much fun reading it! My finale recap is available at MovieBoozer now!

And don’t say goodbye – plenty of fresh JZ content coming your way, and, of course, Bachelorette recaps around the corner as we watch Hannah B. stumble her way towards true love. See you soon, rose friends!

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