The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 1 – Chicks, Man

Cheers to me, judging you! [Photo Credit]


The road to love is paved with chicks – at least if you’re Arie Luyendyk Jr., the 22nd white male Bachelor to have a bevy of beauties stashed in a mansion for him to choose from. And I’ve landed my dream job recapping and live-tweeting it all! I just want to take you to bed, patriarchy, and cuddle you like the life-size body pillow you are.

The first episode is always the most boring – consisting of a recap of who this man is (rich, handsome, sensitive, and ready for marriage!), followed by an hour+ of limo exits. Hey, we’ve all got to get our Instagram-sponsored starts somewhere! Read my recap at MovieBoozer here, and follow my real-time tweets here. Cheers!

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