The Bachelor Precap Recap – Countdown to Colton

Oh, good lord – can I even begin to wrap my head around 2+ months of watching virginal Colton Underwood pretend to fall in love as he preens for the camera? This dude could be swimming in a sea of Gatorade and still come up thirsty – know what I’m saying?

And yet… of course I’ll be watching, live-tweeting, and recapping because what else are winter Mondays for? (I could pretend to be above it all, but anyone who knows me knows I am so NOT.) I will be getting down and dirty, loving every second of it all. I sincerely hope you join me on what will surely be the most dramatic season, ever (wink) with those live-tweets, as well as my weekly episode recaps. In the meantime, get yourself warmed up with my “precap” recap of what’s to come, available in full on MovieBoozer. See you soon, Bachelor Nation!

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